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Change History

This describes user-visible changes between the versions.

This program is a translation from the C which is from the FORTRAN which is from the BASIC version.

Version 2013-05

initial translation from C code


  • P.R. Jemian, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Used in Irena package

An IgorPro translation of this code appears in the Irena software package, authored by Jan Ilavsky. [cite publication history here]


  • Jan Ilavsky, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
  • P.R. Jemian, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

C translation

The FORTRAN code was translated into C ca. 1990.


  • P.R. Jemian, Northwestern University, USA


This progam was written in BASIC by GJ Daniell and later translated into FORTRAN and adapted for SANS analysis. It has been further modified by AJ Allen to allow use with a choice of particle form factors for different shapes. It was then modified by PR Jemian to allow portability between the Digital Equipment Corporation VAX and Apple Macintosh computers.


  • G.J. Daniell, Dept. of Physics, Southampton University, UK
  • J.A. Potton, UKAEA Harwell Laboratory, UK
  • I.D. Culverwell, UKAEA Harwell Laboratory, UK
  • G.P. Clarke, UKAEA Harwell Laboratory, UK
  • A.J. Allen, UKAEA Harwell Laboratory, UK